LCM Exams Electronic Keyboard Music – Audio Recordings (mp3 format)

Audio recordings of all LCM Exams electronic keyboard handbook pieces (Grades 1-5) are available to download exclusively from this website (in mp3 format). Just tick all the audio recordings that you wish to download, then click 'add selection to basket'.

LCM Exams Electronic Keyboard Music – Notation (pdf format)

The sheet music for selected pieces only is available for download from this website (in PDF format). However, please note that examination candidates MUST bring an original, printed copy of the relevant LCM Keyboard Handbook to their examination, which are available from Music Exchange.


At this grade, each individual Audio Recording costs only 75p.

The Sheet Music Notation for each piece costs only 50p.

All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate.

Special Discount Offer

Buy audio recordings mp3s for all 11 pieces (including study) that are in the LCM handbook for this grade for just £4.99 (equivalent to 45p each).

Save £3.26 (40%) compared to buying the handbook recordings individually.

Grade 3 mp3 Collection   £ 4.99
Scale Study
  Dowsett - Groovy Bossa Nova
List A
  McBirnie - Sentimental Song
  Smith - Dancing Fingers
  Trad - Clarinet Polka
  Trad - Men Of Harlech
List B&C
  Schubert - Serenade
  Smith - Gee Bossa
  Smith - Strictly Ballroom
  Trad - Scottish Traditional Medley
  Weedon - Uncle Peter's Trombone
  Weedon - When You Get Jazz

NB: Notation downloads from this website are not valid for use in exams. Candidates MUST bring an original, printed copy of the relevant LCM Keyboard Handbook to their exam.


About the recordings:

These recordings of LCM electronic keyboard handbook repertoire are arranged, performed and mastered by Andy Smith. They are not intended to be models merely to be imitated by candidates, but should be employed as a useful additional aid to examination preparation. The scale study and List A studies are performed as written, with the List B and C pieces showing, through creative arrangement, what can be achieved with a little musical experimentation. Use them as a guide, and maybe a source of inspiration.
Please refer to the syllabus for full details.

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