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Books and File Formats

All books and resources available on this website are digital files - no physical books will be posted to you. Digital books, past papers, sheet music, etc. will be in pdf format. Audio files are mp3s. Some purchases which consist of several individual files packaged together will be provided in a 'zip' file which you can download to your device then extract the individual files.

See below for our FAQ on printing ebooks.

Credit Cards and Security

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Switch.

This website uses highly secure 'Elavon' for payments, which features top-level encryption so that your card details are totally secure. If you are shopping from outside the UK, place your order and your card company will automatically convert the transaction into your local currency.

Privacy Policy

LCMEbooks does NOT disclose customers' information to third parties. We maintain information given at the time of ordering for internal accounting and order processing only in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and current GDPR regulations.

Information about your orders is retained for your benefit so that you can easily retrieve lost files or recover passwords required to open the password protected pdf files.


The documents downloaded from LCMEbooks are the copyright of London College of Music Exams and they remain the intellectual property of London College of Music Exams, protected by international copyright legislation.

Legal action may be taken against anyone or any organisation found to have resold, reproduced, photocopied or transmitted electronically any of these documents.

Many of the downloaded files have password protection and contain some personalisation in order to identify the legal owner of each pdf.

Order Processing

Orders placed on this website are processed by the University of West London on behalf of LCM Exams. Please note, we are unable to give refunds on downloads.

Our Policies

Please see information on our main website (lcme.uwl.ac.uk) for up to date details.

Ebook printing FAQ

Some of our publications don't fit on a standard A4 page size. To print your copy without modifying the layouts or having cropping issues, please make sure to select the following settings while printing your eBook.

Open the PDF in a viewer like Adobe Acrobat and access the print settings. Choose "Fit to Page" in your printing options. If available, utilize the print preview to ensure the content fits within the A4 dimensions without cropping it.

FAQ: How to Print any Document in A4

Q1: Can I print a PDF document with a larger format on A4 paper?
A: Yes, you can resize a PDF document to fit A4 paper during the printing process.

Q2: How do I adjust the PDF document size for printing?
A: Open the PDF in a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat. Look for the "Print" or "Page Setup" option, where you can select A4 as the paper size. Ensure any scaling options maintain the document's original proportions.

Q3: Can I preview the PDF document before printing?
A: Most PDF readers offer a print preview option. Use this feature to see how the PDF will look on A4 paper. Make adjustments if necessary before printing.

Q4: Is there a "Fit to Page" option for PDF printing?
A: Yes, many PDF readers have a "Fit to Page" or similar option that automatically scales the document to fit the chosen paper size. Be cautious as it may distort the content if the resizing is significant.

Q5: What if I encounter issues with my specific PDF reader or printer?
A: Check the manufacturer's website for FAQs or support forums for troubleshooting assistance. Contact us through our Contact Form if the problems persist.