The following are available in the guitar section:


Electric Guitar

  • Examination handbooks (Step through to Grade 8)
  • Performance Diploma handbooks
  • Improvising Lead Guitar series
  • Rhythm Playing
  • Guitar Lessons series
  • Lead backing tracks for grades 6 to 8
  • Exam resources: Recorded Exam Audio Downloads - Lead Backing Tracks

Acoustic Guitar

  • Examination handbooks
  • Accompaniment books
  • Exam resources: Recorded Exam Downloads - Audio files and pdfs
  • Audio downloads, containing all supporting material for the LCME Acoustic Guitar handbooks

Rock Guitar

  • Examination handbooks

Jazz Guitar

  • Performance Diploma Examination handbooks

Classical Guitar

  • Alternative Pieces for LCME 2022 Classical Guitar Syllabus
  • LCME 2022 Classical Guitar Syllabus Accompaniments
  • Guitar Lessons Series

Bass Guitar

  • Improvising Bass Guitar Series